7 Things You Can Do In 2020

2020 is Here!

We are now only a few days into the year and I’m sure everyone has already come up with New Year Resolutions. But why not do something different instead of new year resolutions and follow these 7 Things You Can Do This Year. If you have your own ideas on what you can do this year, why not post them in the comments below!

Be Kinder

First of all be kind to those around you. Simply just showing some appreciation through actions can make somebody’s day. Some examples of kindness could include supporting someone’s cause or work, asking is someone is ok or spending a lot bit more time with those you love.

Although, this doesn’t mean you aren’t kind enough. There a lot of us out there who already do enough and if you’re then you truely have my full respect, keep it up!

Be Kinder To Yourself

Alternatively, why not give yourself some much needed selfcare. Get the right amount of sleep, drink the right amount of water or even just do a face washing / grooming routine just to you look that little bit better.

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Be Social

Similarly, being social is a way in which you could make 2020 a better year. Why not join a group or team that relates your interests? If that isn’t really for you, why not join in a Twitch livestream and give a streamer some much needed love.

Another way you could be social is by talking to people you haven’t talked to in a while. Starting new friendships can help you find new opportunities and long-lasting experiences.

Be Active

While exercise isn’t my strong suit due to physical reasons, it is still important to stay active. Go for a run or walk out in the outdoors. Getting away from your home might just be enough to refresh your mind and get into shape mentally and physically.

Be Adventurous

In addition, why not use 2020 to find some new interests? You might even find yourself the perfect new song or make new friends along the way. One way you can do this is by running a radio on a song you like or using Discover Weekly on Spotity.

Similarly, you could go out there and learn something new. There are plenty of languages and programming languages you can learn via apps these days. In addition, you could enroll on the cause to expand your viewpoint on your current interests and career goals.

Be Productive

In addition, you sometimes you just need to get out there and do more in your day-to-day lives. Find yourself something you can do in your spare time. Writing posts on a blog, start your very own Twitch stream when playing games. You could also start by staying on top of your responsibilities and work.

There are some great tools you can use as well to help with productivity, which I may or may not cover in a future post but keep checking back on the blog for further updates.

Be Courageous

Finally, if you’re wanting to ask someone the important question, why not make this year your year? Ask that one person out on a date or even for someone you’re already with to go to the next the step? It doesn’t even have to be somebody you love, you could even just ask somebody you haven’t seen for a while who you would like to catch up with.

Make 2020 Your Year

Hopefully by reading the post, you’ve gained some great ideas so why not go out there and start making a difference. Again, thank you for reading the post today. I’m really grateful for all of your support and wish that this year will be great for you all. As always, make sure to read some of the other posts on Dynamic Double by clicking here. I try to post the latest and greatest experiences as regular as possible.

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