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Finding the Perfect Shaving Blade

When I’ve used blades from traditional shaving blade brands, I find it to tug quite hard on my hairs. This made the whole shaving experience uncomfortable for me whenever I required a shave. For years I would find shaving a chore, rather than something that could be done with ease and comfort. I wondered for ages if there was a blade that could make shaving something a better experience. So, I began looking into new shaving blades.

First, I tried The Bearded Colonel who offered an affordable shaving subscription. I then tried Harry’s which were essentially very similar to The Bearded Colonel but were much sharper and came with a more durable handle.

While these two shaving companies offered it’s perks, it still didn’t improve my own experience in shaving due to how hard they pulled on my hairs when shaving. Fortunately, after testing different brands, I finally came across the perfect shaving blade company, named Boldking.

BoldKing Review

BoldKing Ordering Process


Once finding out more about BoldKing, I went ahead and purchased their starter kit. During the ordering process, I was shown with a series of options on how sensitive I wanted the bladed. Regular, Sensitive and Very-Sensitive were the options available. These options are great as there is pretty much a blade for everyone.

Options and Ordering

After selecting regular, I went on to select if I would like a subscription which I didn’t opt for and continued to complete the order. However, if you would prefer to get extra blades over time, I would highly recommend the subscriptions as this typically comes out cheaper and more efficient in the long run.

Completing the Order and Delivery

When the order was completed, I received the confirmation and waited for the starter kit to arrive. The delivery itself did take a week to arrive so that is worth noting. However, this did not affect me as I already had a blade being used at the time.

The kit I received on delivery had the handle for the shaver, 4 blades and 2 suction cups included in the order, which were enough to get me started on testing the blades. Below I will be discussing the blades and reviewing how the blades were for me usage wise as well as how you can expect them to last.

BoldKing Set for Regular Skin

BoldKing Blades


The packaging I received was good quality assuming it was fully recyclable with the paper based packaging. In terms of premium, this isn’t up there but in terms of being environmentally friendly and green, it has my full support. Keep this up!

BoldKing offer options to recycle your blades after using them by purchasing a bag to put in used blades, which can then be sent in the post back to BoldKing. This is especially good for those of you who want to return the blades so that they can be recycles and used elsewhere.

Forever Lasting

Several months using them didn’t even affect the quality of the blades. Thanks to the way the blades didn’t tug, the blades usually didn’t need to compete with each other and wear down the blades. Through using the blades this long, I did eventually find that I would have to run the blades over my face twice to get the hairs.

Facial Shaving

Maintaining your clean shave is great and comfortable with BoldKing. Every time I used it, I didn’t feel any tugging of hairs and it really shaved hairs on my face really well. Even now with my beard growth, I still find it so easy to shave the hairs and keep that clean beard growing.

What makes these so easy to work with is their revolutionary blades, which have space between each blade. With this in mind, you are guaranteed a comfortable shave every time and a close one too.

Body Shaving

The blades worked equally well when it came to body shaving. The blades glide across your skin effortlessly and get the hairs almost anywhere on your body.

Although, it doesn’t go well with thick hairs and may require a few glides over to get these hairs, but this doesn’t mean it didn’t shave the hairs it got well, it still was a great shaving experience.

Better for Face or Body?

They both work for face and body really well but these blades will always work better on the face than the body. If you are getting these for wet shaving your body, I still recommend getting this blade but don’t think this could replace a decent electric body trimmer.


Overall, BoldKing is a great competitor in the market as a shaving blade company. They offer a reasonably fast service to get blades to your door. If you are looking for a good blades that last a long time and offers comfortable shaves every time, then BoldKing is for you.

Discount Code

Before this post ends, I would like to let you know that you can get up to off your order when you use the code: MTU4MZYZMW at the checkout. This almost gets you the BoldKing kit for free, which is an amazing deal so don’t miss out and get yourself the perfect blades today! You can find the BoldKing link here, if you would like to get started.

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