Tree Year Resolution – Planting More Trees

Resolution No.1 Helping Plant Trees

With the end of the year approaching, I’ve decided to split up some new year resolutions into small bitesized posts. Hopefully by doing this, the posts are more focused. Our first topic if you don’t know already will be covering trees and the environment.

Plenty of companies and groups are now considering planting trees to save the planet. This year alone we have seen initiatives like TeamTrees which was started up by MrBeast and Mark Rober. Their goal was reached a few days ago but the TeamTrees website is still urging people to still donate and plant even more trees before this year ends.

#TeamTrees webpage showing the goal has been met but are still asking for donations.
#TeamTrees Website (21/12/2019) –

There are other services like Ecosia, who aim to plant trees from spending revenue collected from their very own search engine. The charity itself also publishes regular updates on their efforts and expenditure on their blog here. They’re always doing great things to ensure trees they plant grow too, so there is always something being done to ensure our trees grow up to be healthy and sustainable for our planet.

Resolution to Plant More

Contribute More Trees

One of my resolutions for the new year is to contribute more to tree planting. While I won’t be able to do this physically, I will be able to contribute to initiatives online. I’m already using Ecosia, which is a great start and I have donated to TeamTrees (just today) so already I’ve had some impact this year. However, there is still room to do more really in the new year.

Try Out New Products

To have more impact I will be trying to engage in raising awareness on environmental impact of trees. This means I will be reviewing more services that plant trees, like Ecosia. I think it’s essential that I investigate into more ways in which I could help the planet too while letting you know my experiences with various products.

Start a Fundraiser

Similarly, another way would be for me to start a fundraiser some point next year. This would become a great opportunity to raise even more awareness and to get a movement going in the blogging community, which I’m sure already exists somewhere.

Plant a Tree On An Occassion

Why not plant a tree on a special occassion? Maybe plant one on your birthday, during the start of spring or even when it’s a celebratory event. What makes this idea so great is the fact you can then look back on the tree as a memory with the extra of it having a positive impact.

Next Resolution

There are still a few more days until the end of the year, so I will be planning on getting more new year resolutions out on the blog. If you have your new year resolution ideas, why not submit then as a guest post here. Otherwise, please go check out more on the Dynamic Double blog here. I try to post as regularly as possible on the latest experiences and more.

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