HP Spectre x360 13: The Consumer-Centric Powerhouse from HP


Does Hewlett Packard ring a bell? Maybe a distant one, but I’m sure HP does. Yes – that is the global brand we have come to know for some of the best Windows-running laptops around today. That is not why I have decided to talk about them today, though. As traditional to just about any […]

November 9, 2019

Keeping Your Identity Secure: Phishing Edition


Security neglect “Pride goeth before the fall.” This popular phrase has rung true for many characters throughout history, and to this day we are still witnessing it first hand, and that’s because it’s easy to get cocky. We do it all the time! I can pass that car, I can get an A on that […]

August 24, 2019

Stop the Phish – Tips to Stay Safe Online


When Phishing Strikes Everyone would have received an email before from somebody claiming to be someone we trust or a service we trust. While many of us will delete it and get on with our day, other may click on the link or attachment inside of the email.  These are known as phishing emails which […]

August 10, 2019